Damn you, Gallup Poll!

So, I was tooling around the religion/spirituality section of Yahoo Answers, trying to find questions where I can best share my knowledge/googling abilities/way too much free time and maybe actually learn something myself. I came upon what seemed like a relatively simple request: what is a legit source that states that Paganism/Wicca/the like is actually the fastest growing religion(s) in the US. Now I know I’ve seen it a bunch of places, but being legit isn’t always in volume as much as it should be in reputable sources. Now I’m sure when most people think of the most valid polling tools, one name that comes to mind is the Gallup Polls. Gallup has been learning way too much about Americans for over 70 years, so they must know a thing or two about Pagan stuffs in the US. http://www.gallup.com/poll/1690/religion.aspx Let the peasants rejoice! Religion Poll has been found! Now scrolling through I noticed some strange Christian/Jew only questions… then more scrolling and I find all of them are Christian with a light sprinkling of Jewness. How terribly appalling. There have been more religions on this earth than any one poor human can count, most of the people who have ever existed on this earth have never heard of Christianity and yet that appears to be all this Gallup poll, perhaps the end all be all of poll taking, is concerned with. No wonder there are so many people who are Christian-sort of… not so much. If you’re not, you clearly barely count on things. Now I don’t claim to know about every religion ever created, but I do take the time to learn about as many as I can. Many religions that I know most people my age have never even heard of. Clearly America is so close-minded that I can no longer blame these individuals for not having a clue- they are but a product of their ridiculous society.


2 Responses to “Damn you, Gallup Poll!”

  1. Brendan Says:

    Seriously. Freakin gallup.

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