Stupid Wiccan related thing

Time for exciting reactionary pieces!

Piece one:

Now, clearly this is an article written by Christians. Christians aren’t always known to be all about the truth related to other religions. I guess that’s part of the plight of thinking that you follow the one true religion. Surprisingly though, this is an absolutely accurate portrayal of the truth of Wicca. I was very impressed. Perhaps I’m just as cynical as a Christian when it comes to Wicca. The second part about how not Christian Wicca is is just cute. The bible says that Wiccans are bad Christians. I never would have guessed. I don’t get the point of them, but maybe other Christians care so it might be immensely important. How should I know?

Piece two:

Oh Starhawk.. crazy Wiccan weird feminist. Now, I’m all about feminism. I mean I’m a fan of having rights and the ability to choose for myself, but some feminist take it to some wacky level. But to the article. Former president Jimmy Carter and other world leaders issued this statement: “The justification of discrimination against women and girls on grounds of religion or tradition, as if it were prescribed by a Higher Authority, is unacceptable.” What’s your reaction to these statements? Are ‘male interpretations of religious texts’ to blame for the ‘deprivation of women’s equal rights? So Jimmy Carter has figured out that Christianity is pretty about not being too cool with chicks. Interesting. I figured it would have been pretty obvious by now. I mean Lilith was your average woman with a good head on her shoulders and equal/the other half of Adam and he was all like “damn upity woman!”, so God made him a new one and turned her into some child eating demon. What’s the deal with that! I don’t know. This is also a fairly myopic view of religion though. I mean in the past some religions were rather male driven (ex Asatru), but others were VERY female oriented, including things like matriarcal societies, religious “clergy” being only female… and some had an actual mix of  both *gasp*. I mean before monotheism, everyone had deities of all sorts of genders and sexualities. I bet they didn’t have too many problems and all genders play important roles. I guess Starhawk’s arugment vaguely makes sense from a monotheistic pov. Monotheist tend to have higher powers that you’re actually supposed to act like regularly. Pagans often have gods that you shouldn’t even think about acting like (I mean Zeus had a wife but screwed anything he could find with a hole and I’m sure even some without, enjoyed incest and destory people’s happiness). So I mean, if Jesus was Jesa I think the world of monotheism would be much different (which would change the last 1000 so yrs of human history). There is this slight problem with this article though, the Wiccans are trying to be Christian. This problem has existed since the inception of Wicca. You just have these poor confused monotheist who either add a deity or replace one (meet Jesa). Ugh I’m way too tired so I’m going to have to finish this later.


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