Mubi Mubi- creation story

The Mubi Mubi have a long tradition of being some of the best and most elaborate story tellers. Though they do have a rudimentary written language, they keep most of their most important stories oral based. They say it is so that the breath of their tribe is taken through the body by remembering and saying it. If it were to just be written, then it would die.

On that note, let is move to the creation story! This story is specifically the creation of earth. One day, a giant cosmic being was walking around space. This cosmic being was a pink of sorts, almost a magenta, very tall, giant feet and genderless. As it walked around, it came upon this planet. It was a fairly mundane planet- pretty round with just this thin, even layer of water all around it. The cosmic giant’s children often played with all of these planets for general fun and games. As with human children, the cosmic kids weren’t keen on putting anything away. Well, the cosmic being was terribly used to kids leaving crap everywhere, so it just walked without paying any attention. This seemed like nothing to the cosmic being, but it had a huge impact on earth. The giant feet of the being sunk deep into the ground, causing oceans. Splashes of water caused lakes and ponds and the water running off its foot caused rivers. And with that the frame work of the earth was made. At this point, the earth was just dirt and water. The children of the cosmic being, as children often do, made toys out of anything to fulfill their fantasies. At some point after their parent had left, they decided to turn our tiny planet into almost a doll house. They made various creatures from clay of all shapes, sizes and colors. Now being mischievous children, they decided the dolls must be alive. By performing a ritual including inserting pieces of stars into them (the mythological origin of the heart). The dolls still weren’t functioning, so the children breathed life into them. With this the creatures of the earth sprung into action. They started building homes and civilizations. The children would give the dolls they liked scraps of food and the others, they would starve. Some of the foods started growing on the planet, making various forms of vegetation. Though some of the less loved creatures ate the vegetation, others became angry and consumed other creatures. Seeing this sight, the children became disgusted with their creation and abandoned it. The earth creatures always knew of their creators and often called out for their return. Sometimes the children would take pity on them and help, but often times would not. As generations of the earth beings died, they would float into the sky on clouds. The earth being felt that the ancestors could be contacted and be asked to try to gain favor with the cosmic children (or gods as most of us would call them). After this, ancestor worship (be it of humans or animals, of your own or others) became the preferred method of trying to change things.

My first question was “What is the name of the giant footed creator?” I recieved a most surprising response- no one cares so no one knows. They feel that this cosmic being is just some sort of wanderer and since it created the earth without realizing it, honoring it is fairly pointless since it would have no idea what is going on. Though they do not honor it directly, they hold albinos and intergender people in the highest regard and are considered good luck to the family inwhich they are born into. These people get to choose their place in society, be it part of the royal family, some recluse or anywhere in between. Shamans are known to paint themselves pink and wander in and out of society, as does the cosmic being wander through the universe.

One might ask what the Mubi Mubis think of Caucasians. When I asked, they just said it looks like they need some sun! It is far more about the eerie baby pink of the albinos than it is about generally light skin. They do think sun burnt light skinned people are hilarious though. Apparently snakes are a bit of pranksters, so the peeling of a sun burnt person’s skin makes them laugh more than the best show on Comedy Central. (Word of advise: if you ever go there, make friends quickly. They have a written recipe passed down through their albino generations of quite possibly the best sunscreen ever. Your skin will thank you). Dandruff is also funny, so if you want to be followed by a hoard of small children laughing hysterically (and alot of chuckling adults), leave your Head and Shoulders at home.

That’s it for today!


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