Mubi Mubi Tribe

Well, I have spent the summer studying the ways of the Mubi Mubi tribe (pronounced moo-bee moo-bee) of Central Africa. I figured I should inform everyone I know about their cool ways. This will end up being a long series of blogs. Hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I have!

Appearance: The Mubi Mubi Tribe is generally a very tall people. The females are normally between 5’10 and 6’1 and the males between 6′ and 6’5. They are thin, but muscular- very similar to your stereotypical high school runner. Their skin is normally the color of an even mix of milk chocolate and dark chocolate (sorry I’m kinda hungry), but albinos are held in terribly high regard (to be explained later).

The Mubi Mubi are most known for their hair. Their hair is long and soft, much like flax. The ruling family of the Mubi Mubi has the longest (often grown continuously through their whole lives without being cut) and most well quaffed manes. There are actually two families who are specialist in the maintaining and styling of hair. They use a large variety of plants, animals and other local things to aquire the desired look. Sometimes, when hunting parties make it to the coast, they bring back more exotic products, such as fish and salt. Updos are what is normally worn on a daily basis, for practical reasons. Special ocassion hair dos have a large range, much like what is popular with long haired females in the US. Aside from styling, dying and addition of adornments (beads etc) are also very common.

As with most humans, the most common eye color is various shades of brown, but there have been reports of blue eyes being moderately common- a few per generation (aside from the albinos). This, along with their unique hair, could point to some Northern African or European ancestory, though this has yet to be tested through genetics.


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