APA: Still trying to destory the life of gay folk!


So at first I thought this was some wacky Christian counselor. Alas no, it is the American Psychological Association. These are the people that control not control the mental health of many, but control my mental health! (as far as interacting with trained professionals) Yes, its awesome that you’re not informing gay people that it’s wrong to be gay, but I think telling them to repress their homosexual feelings is just ridiculous. Now I’m pretty big on analogies, so let’s see how this one goes:

So, I go into a shrink. I’m having major issues reconciling my religion and my racial background. I doing something commonly called “passing” (historically someone, often half or all African-American/Black/etc who appeared “white looking” therefore would live their lives at White. Sounds obscure to many, but I’m fairly certain this was/is a concern from my family. I remember my mom telling me how my grandmother told her not to be surprised if I reject her/my African-American ethnicity… yeah that wasn’t appalling to hear for me!). So, I develop this sweet anxiety disorder because I’m uber concerned someone is going to find out that I’m passing. I try to explain this to the shrink. I say, well being white is clearly better, I mean Jesus was white, god has to be white (the man has a pure white glow about him, right?), everyone in my kiddie bible was white, I mean there are even passages in the bible that say that! I’ll even be a super Christian and say I go to a Christian Church that has a White Jesus and professes some of these ideas. I’m even poisoning myself with skin bleaching creams and never go out during the day if it’s sunny. Let’s say for all intensive purposes the APA has the same policy about race as it does about homosexuality. So what should my shrink do? Tell me its okay to freak out and I should keep passing but never get married or have kids so its harder to expose my secret? Or teach me how to be more accepting of my heritage- show me biblical figures who weren’t Caucasian, have me go to a church with people of different colors.. generally show me that you can be a good Christian and not have it fly in the face of my identity and that its more important to be myself than it is to follow something someone claimed to have interpreted from the bible and that the overall ideals of Christianity are more important.

So, APA, what do you think? No ill affects? I can only imagine how I would feel working so hard to live a life with such a secret, then someone finding out or succumbing to it. All of the shame, guilt.. crushing me. I mean there is a difference between a medical professional and a priest. If you wanted someone who follows 100% the dogma of your religion, go see a priest. If you want a more religiously objective help, see a doctor. Hell, I can’t even find a doctor who knows a damn thing about my religion and you know what, I find them just as affective as if they had a clue (just with less gods…). Ugh, no wonder crazy people are crazy.


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