The CDC is touching America’s baby penis again!

Gods help us!

WTF CDC (and AAP to a mildly lesser degree). Why are you trying to chop off foreskin because in ONE study in AFRICA, getting snipped has been shown to reduce AIDS in HETERO sex of AFRICANS? Like really! I bet I could go to campus and survey during the day and come up with data where I can claim that being raped causes women to be more successful. How you might ask- I’d spend all day asking, wait until I have a random spike of women who were raped and then say that since they are on college, as dictated by the fact that they are on a college campus, they are successful! Pretty easy! (If you know anything about stats, marketing etc, you can make statistics support anything) So, CDC, want me to do it, get the results then email them to you so you can start having medically prescribed rape for baby girls so they will do better in life? I’ll take your appalled silence as a yes. Okay! But seriously, wtf is wrong with these people? European countries do not cut their boys routinely and we do, yet we have higher rates of AIDS than all of Europe (save the Ukraine, Russia and Spain) AND more people die of AIDS in the US than all of Europe in 2007 (except Russia). And guess what, even with this “reduction” in AIDS in Africa, they still have the highest rates of HIV, AIDS and death from AIDS.

So, why are we recommending circing our boys? I don’t know, but if you’ve been raped and went to college, leave me a comment so I can send the data to the CDC.


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