Please sign this petition to stop the CDC from cutting our baby boys for no reason.

Here is what I wrote:

6:14 am PDT, Sep 17, Heather XXXXXXX, Connecticut
Male circumcision is an appalling practice that should not be mandatory at all! This is something that should be decided by the male, not his parents or the government, and only after he knows all of the facts. I cannot think of any other reason we remove perfectly healthy (and useful) tissue from children. I don’t see you recommending removal of cervices to prevent cervical cancer in babies- we’ve created an HPV vaccine. We should be working on teaching these boys to be responsible in their sexual interactions instead of just lobbing off pieces of their bodies. Did you know that we have a higher rate of AIDS AND AIDS related death than almost all European countries, and they do not routinely cut their males. Also, the survey you’re using from Africa to support this is only in heterosexual males, not males who participate in male on male sexual activities (which, unfortunately is one of the populations most affected by HIV/AIDS in the US). I outright refuse to have any of my male children circumcised unless they have a current condition that can ONLY be solved by circumcision (and I will actively find ALL alternatives), as any logical parent should do. We help protect the world’s daughters from FGM (in all degrees), but cannot manage to protect our own sons.


One Response to “Sign!”

  1. Thanks, Heather. Signed the petition.

    Another issue that is heating up, is the fact that Medicaid is still paying for non-therapeutic circumcisions in 34 states.

    If you’re ready to tell your state’s Medicaid director “necessary medicine for necessary causes” join us on Facebook

    End Taxpayer Funding of Routine Infant Circumcision-Connecticut

    End Taxpayer Funding of Routine Infant Circumcision

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