Top Ten Moral Dilemmas

So, I found that website, which claims to have the top ten moral dilemmas. Now I was reading through them and decided to write down my reactions/what I would do.

10.  I could never be responsible for the death of my own child, so I would refuse to pull out the chair. Sorry innocent person :/

9. I’d help the lover. She clearly knew she was married and slept around, but he may not have. I’d say she is doing much more of a wrong than he is. Also the basics of triage say help him.

8. I’d look for other clues and bring them to the attention to my friend.. clues or “clues” (lying for a good reason isn’t bad IMO). I figure if I can show that she is cheating without using the information in the e-mail, then technically there is no wrong doing.

7.  Well first I would explain the importances of my daughter telling the story of what happened to her. I feel my kid being able to ID his dick is more than enough. I would have been working endlessly to make sure he got what he deserved. Now.. that being said, I loath child rapist far more than murderers of adults. Also not sure how he would be too stupid to mention he was in a restaurant where I would assume a host/hostess, person that does the seating, wait staff and many more ppl would have seen him that night.

6. WTF. Why are we blowing up ppl? I go with the idea of going out the way you get in. Also if the woman is that big, why the fuck are you letting her be the first one out of a tiny whole? That is an illogical situation that I don’t feel I would be in, unless I was the crazy knocked up chick trying to lead people to victory! Either way I bet if the dynamite can blow up a knocked up chick, it could manage a hole somewhere else.

5. I would carry my niece in and also attempt to drag my daughter in (she could grab my leg, clothes-something). I figure if she is a much stronger swimmer then she just needs to get a head start, then could make it on her own. Even if she couldn’t, that could get her far enough towards shore that someone else could meet  me and grab my niece so I could bring my daughter the rest of the way in.

4. I have to deal with the fact that I killed someone. Why would I let someone else take the blame? Doesn’t anyone take responsibility for their own mistakes anymore? I almost killed my own best friend in a car accident. As much as it hurts, I know what I did and feel regret for it constantly.

3. Okay, why am I always a guy here? Hmm.. guess I could be just married to a chick alot, that doesn’t absolutely make me a man. haha Wait, his day? He’s 18! I don’t think I’m ever going to travel. Okay, okay, umm well my kid shouldn’t have been THAT stupid (I’m a failure at fathering/moming).. but I’m not sure if I would take the blame or let my stupid son. I mean he is an adult, but just barely. I’ll let you know when I’m a mom with an 18 yr old son.

2. I’d call Briscoe and Green or Benson and Stabler…. And no, I wouldn’t hurt his wife. That just doesn’t make sense.

1. What is this, the Titanic? 1. I’d stay on the ship. 2. I would try to make arrangements with the other boats to take on more passengers. I’m also not sure where I am getting all of these calculations, but I can only assume if there is less weight on the boat then it would be sinking  less. I’d give up my seat on the other boat to the person that needed it the most.


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