College- High School but with more never growing up!

So I am currently watching a TV show about high school students. One character stated how important high school is and what an important life step it is to graduate from high school. For some reason, my own graduating from college instantly popped into my head. At first thought, I said to myself that graduating from college is just as important and monumentous (apparently not a word) as graduating high school. I quickly corrected myself. Graduating high school is only barely like graduating college. With college, you can put off growing up forever. In college for six years? No one would think much of that. At my alma mater, last I heard, the average student graduated in five years. You could take even longer if you only took a couple of classes while working and people would think you’re industrious. Even after you graduate, you could put things off even longer. Second degree? Grad school? Take your pick! Either one, people are convinced you’re bettering yourself, not hiding out from the real world or slacking off. Now this is not to say that people who are in school, going for more degrees or graduate school aren’t doing so to better themselves, just the world of education is a safe haven, especially for people like me who started school at four and never took a break. As another May approaches and people everywhere are graduating, I wish you the best of luck, especially those who find out the real world is tough and scary and writing papers at 3 A.M. powered solely by caffeine is way more enjoyable, or atleast safe.


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